About the Author

For years I’ve been slipping articles about design, innovation and the human elements of technology into my other blogs like blueberries in a muffin. Sure they are colorful, but the muffin is still not blue and you can hardly taste the blueberry most of the time. Also, some people pick them out because they don’t like blueberries.

With this blog I’m taking a different approach – one with focus and purpose on a narrower topic. Or to be more honest, I’m taking the best parts of my other blogs and leaving behind the tedious technical articles.

My background and training is in design. I began in architectural design, but from there spent the past decade and a half in the high-tech industry working on new product development. This blog is informed by both the sort of formal design training that one gets from school as well as insights and inspirations gleaned from the inside of industry.

I welcome conversation and criticism about anything I post here. If you have a story you would like to tell, let me know and I’ll see if we can post it here as well.

Jack Dahlgren