The Cradle of Innovation

Planning to turn your company into a powerful innovator? Start now. This stuff takes time.

Inventor’s Playgrounds:

I recently bumped into an old old copy of popular science online and couldn’t help from reading several issues from the 1940′s. Who knew that the inline skate was invented in France 70 years ago? I guess . . . → Read More: The Cradle of Innovation

Innovation - where does it start?

Is necessity the mother of invention or is Mother the necessity of invention?

Umm… both I think.

There is enough study out there that shows that creativity and innovative thinking, or at least strategies and techniques for them, can be taught and learned. Entire institutions of higher learning have been run on this premise. . . . → Read More: Innovation – where does it start?

Interview with Brightidea's Matt Greeley

Matt Greeley speculates that innovation may be the “killer app” in the world of social software and I struggle to try and dismiss that without diving headfirst into the gutter about what other killer apps may be out there. He does have a point. With the decay of domestic manufacturing and with a number . . . → Read More: Interview with Brightidea’s Matt Greeley

Legislating Innovation - Part 1 DriveCam

There is a bill which just passed the California Senate regarding video cameras in cars and it appears to have gotten the attention of a number of people – for the wrong reasons I think.

The bill is AB1942 and you can find the current amended text here

There are two ways to read . . . → Read More: Legislating Innovation – Part 1 DriveCam

GE Ecomagination Challenge

My post on the Cisco i prize brought a couple of comments mentioning the General Electric Ecomagination Challenge, another “innovation challenge”, but slightly different. The topic for this challenge is “Powering the Grid”. From a historical perspective on electrical grids, GE is probably still smarting from the smackdown of AC vs DC delivered to . . . → Read More: GE Ecomagination Challenge

Cisco I-Prize and Spigit - Innovation Competition

One of the most common ways to get architects to work for free has always been the architecture competition. It appears that the same spirit is now flowing through the veins of Cisco who recently set up their “I-Prize” competition. Here is what they say about it:

Cisco I-Prize is an event where Cisco . . . → Read More: Cisco I-Prize and Spigit – Innovation Competition?