GE Ecomagination Challenge

My post on the Cisco i prize brought a couple of comments mentioning the General Electric Ecomagination Challenge, another “innovation challenge”, but slightly different. The topic for this challenge is “Powering the Grid”. From a historical perspective on electrical grids, GE is probably still smarting from the smackdown of AC vs DC delivered to . . . → Read More: GE Ecomagination Challenge

Cisco I-Prize and Spigit - Innovation Competition

One of the most common ways to get architects to work for free has always been the architecture competition. It appears that the same spirit is now flowing through the veins of Cisco who recently set up their “I-Prize” competition. Here is what they say about it:

Cisco I-Prize is an event where Cisco . . . → Read More: Cisco I-Prize and Spigit – Innovation Competition?